SynergyOn Business Support

SynergyOn cooperates with business enterprises through a program called expert network. We support you to connect with the professionals, whose knowledge, skill and experience can help move your business plans towards the best outcomes.

Our support includes assistance for communications, promotions, pilot marketing, establishing business contacts, working as local representative, and starting your subsidiary company.



The key to business success is effective communication. In the Korean market, effective communication requires a genuine understanding of cultural values and rules, which are often concealed and unspoken in interactions.

SynergyOn experts assist you not only in language interpretation, but also in advising you of the business customs embedded in Korean society.



• Interpreting
• Fact finding
• Arranging business meetings
• Selecting business partners
• Arranging Accommodations
• Promoting and Advertising
• Pilot marketing
• Trade expo supporting



We help you by working as your representative and assist you in effective and smooth coordination with local businesses.

Korean firms are eager to expand their markets globally. You can be their representing partner in your country. SynergyOn supports your interest in building connections with Korean entrepreneurs.

Our vision is to build bridges between you and Korean businesses.



Starting a new business can be very expensive as well as misleading. SynergyOn provides pilot business support at minimum cost but still runs it full scale.

Everything you need for business operations including office, registration, licenses, staff, accounting, operation, marketing, sales, and customer base will be built in our support program so that you can take it when you go for full operations.

We examine the procedures, time and cost involved in launching a commercial or industrial firm.


Expert Pool

SynergyOn created Expert Pool (SEP) to meet the growing demand for experts in different business fields.

SEP offers a list of experts in your specific business who can provide you with advice and action plans.


Value Camp

SynergyOn runs value camp where partners share ideas and discuss common value for the future confident business cooperation. One or two days of bonding between corporate members provide an excellent opportunity to find common value for future team work.

SynergyOn value camp is located in a quiet farm 60 km away south of Seoul, in Ansong City, Kyonggi Province.